Acura Tl A13 Service Code

Acura Tl A13 Service Code. You can find the meanings for these codes in your acura owner’s manual or refer to the charts below for further explanation. Now i normally would just expect them to balance the tires, replace with a new oil filter.

Acura Service Code A13 Maintenance Reminder Service Light
Acura Service Code A13 Maintenance Reminder Service Light from

As for the yearof your car, my guess would be the cam actuator, but i would rule out the wiring first. If the message service does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the engine oil every year. 1 = rotate tires (hope they balance also).

Below, Codes A And B Are Explained In Detail Followed By Each Coded Sequence.

The code is a13 but it could be for other a and b codes, i have used it. A = oil change (no filter!?). I show you how to reset the maintenance due soon light on my wife's acura mdx 2009.

Inspect Idle Speed Every 160,000 Miles (256,000 Km).

What is a2 service on acura tl? Details of 131 technical service bulletins issued for the 2005 honda civic. What does service code a13 mean on a 2008 acura tl?

When You See The Wrench, It’s Time For Acura Genuine Service.

Posted on oct 30, 2009 What does the code a13 mean on my acura 2005 tl. Acura tl and tlx 🚗.

3 Things Will Cause This, Bad Cam Actuator, Loose Or Broken Wire To The Actuator, Bad Ecm.

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a acura tl ranges from $95 to $8056, with an average of $307. 2012 acura rl, 2003 acura tl, 2009 acura tl, 2010 acura tl, 2011 acura tl, 2012 acura tl, 2013 acura tl,. I recently took the acura tl to get an oil this video will show you how to reset a service.

Acura Maintenance Schedule Calculator Select Acura Vehicle:

However the b service includes the oil filter change but not the a. Occasionally, a sub code will be displayed alongside the main code. A13 would be oil change, tire rotation, and transmission fluid.

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