How To Open New Water Meter Cover

How To Open New Water Meter Cover. This includes boundary fences or walls. Don’t forget to record the date of your reading.

How to take good care of the smart water meter News
How to take good care of the smart water meter News from

Insert a screwdriver or similar tool into one of the small holes in the cover and pry it up carefully. If so, open this instead of removing the entire lid. The picture below shows a typical water meter cover found in cities and counties across the u.s.

This Photo From Google Images Shows A Commercially Produced Key On The Shut Off Valve.

The end of a commercial meter key is a u shaped piece welded onto a long rod. In the event your inside main water valve fails, there's one final backstop you can operate to shut off water to the house: • go to your cold water tap and turn it on.

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Some water meters will have a small, hinged cover while others may not. Most water meters are fitted outside near your outside stop tap. Sometimes these can be a bit further down the road.

Most Commercial Keys Are Painted Black.

Be careful when lifting the box lid to prevent injury to yourself or damage to the meter or meter lid. The water should slowly stop. The main water valve on the street.

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This includes boundary fences or walls. A water meter equipped with ami technology. Hold the water meter cover in place while you are unscrewing it.

If So, Open This Instead Of Removing The Entire Lid.

• make sure you know where your water meter is located • make sure it is not obstructed (e.g. With the cover off, you can see the water meter and the county's cutoff valve (to the left). Galvanized steel, cast gray iron, hdpe plastic, concrete and fiberlyte®.

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