How To Replace Deck Boards On Utility Trailer

How To Replace Deck Boards On Utility Trailer. Which means it has a 16 foot deck and 2ft worth of “dovetail” which makes it easier to load cars with low ground clearance. There are some negative aspects of aluminum trailer decking.

Best Wood For Trailer Floor
Best Wood For Trailer Floor from

Once you've done this, remove the screws and boards from the floor. If you don't have a mill around, then use the treated boards. To replace the floor on your trailer, you'll need to use a cutoff tool that has a thin abrasive blade that can cut through the welds on the front bar.

If You Don't Have A Mill Around, Then Use The Treated Boards.

Apitong hardwood trailer decking is traditionally sold as solid plank flooring in shiplap form and comes in varying thicknesses and widths. Please contact us with any questions regarding your needs for apitong trailer decking or supplies. Was bending the wood (captive deck design) so used wet wood.

If You Have A Saw Mill Close By, Go Get Rough Cut 2 X 8 Oak, And Treat It With Some Weather Sealer Before Installing.

This will help your trailer deck last longer. I am thinking about drilling pilot holes up from the bottom through the new deck boards to line up the the holes with the old ones. Both steel and aluminum trailer decks require upkeep, but one of the larger issues with aluminum trailers is simply lubricating the hinges and cam latches.

Describes How To Change/Install New Boards On The Deck Of A Cargo Trailer.

Needs to be lumber 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 or 2 x 10. Be sure to mark the new hole locations on the top of trailer deck so that you hit the cross members in the perfect spot. For the past 25 years, asian keruing or apitong trailer decking has been a top choice for trailers across north america.

It Will Outlast The Treated Pine At The Box Stores.

Since the entire surface is rubber, it will also age better than a typical trailer deck. Can i use the old screw holes?. Within a year a had gaps an inch or bigger.

Everything You Need To Replace Your Trailer Floor.

There are some negative aspects of aluminum trailer decking. Once that last board goes down, stand back and admire the new deck boards on your trailer. When sold in the outer deck configuration, blackwood is slightly cheaper than rough oak and more expensive than rough oak for a full deck.

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