Wire Size For 125 Amp Service Panel

Wire Size For 125 Amp Service Panel. Should i use #3 or # 2 copper? Single conductor #2 gauge aluminum wire;

Wire Gauge, 125, Sub Panel New Siemens Circuit Breaker
Wire Gauge, 125, Sub Panel New Siemens Circuit Breaker from

The short answer, if using copper, is 0 awg, commonly referred to as 1/0 or one ought. I'm looking for suggestions on wire size, this is what was given to me by a friend of mine. Notes to the table above.

Warning Have The Panel Inspected By A Licensed Electrician For Code Violations.

Do these sound right, i've looked at some of the online calculators and they all say. If the 125 amp load is a sub distribution panel that is not going to be fully loaded to 125 amps then using the exact connected load, which might be smaller than 125 amps will effect the wire sizing. What size wire is needed for 125 amp service?

Two Wire 240 Volt Outlets Can Be Up To 15 Amps And Up To 200 Amps Depending On The Existing Grounding System.

Notes to the table above. The run will be about 100 feet and the breaker boxes are 125 amp. Would a 100 amp service be the same wire size?

For 150 Amp, The Right Wire Size Is.

100a is #3 copper ($600/100ft) or #1 aluminum ($175/100ft). The number of devices connected to the circuit usually determines how much current will flow. Most homes have an electrical service of between 100 to 200 amps.

Since This Is A Single Phase Dwelling Service You Can Use #2 Awg Copper Or 1/0 Aluminum For A 125 Amp Service Or Main Feeder.

Should i use #3 or # 2 copper? If you have a 125 amp breaker you need 125 amp wire. The wire you use determines the temperature rating you need to follow and the corresponding capacity recommendations.

The Short Answer, If Using Copper, Is 0 Awg, Commonly Referred To As 1/0 Or One Ought.

Proper wire gauge recommendation for installation of 125 amp sub panel. Type of wire depends on location & temperature, but in my. This is shown in this chart above, however different building codes use different awg (american wire gauge).

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